Thursday, August 06, 2009

Stourport goings on

Separate to the joys of Gilgal roadworks we get a few more stories about Stourport.

First up is the page 7 story on how the Basin project has reached the finals in the National Lottery Awards "Canal basins need your vote to scoop Lotto award". In a long overdue move they are also publicising this competition somewhere over than at the Basins themselves with a nice long banner directly opposite the approach to York Street from Lion Hill. Vote for them at the awards page directly here if you want to.

Tesco rears it's glass-clad head again on page 10 with "Town 'let down' by latest store plan" seriously is there some taboo about mentioning town names in headlines or is it just space considerations? Essentially members of Stourport Town Council have "slammed" the new plans, but as they seem to realise they have as much influence over the decision as I have they acknowledge that the plan's success is a "foregone conclusion".

Actually to tie this to the Gilgal story one of the town councillors states "I am disappointed by the response of Worcestershire County Council's highway [...] We are looking now in September at a terrible five-week period of disruption with the closure of the Gilgal. When this store is built it won't be a five-week disruption but a permanent one"

That's Conservative Councillor David Little criticising the Conservative controlled County Council folks - fight, fight, fight!

Finally though this is to do with Gilgal it's not about the roadworks, but the ever-present jams. As mentioned a letter with my name on it (boo!) got published twice (yay?) [checking through again this got published twice in the newspaper, but three times on the site. Each time under a different title] and a response came back about how it's down to people not driving correctly. Well it seems someone else has decided to respond to that with essentially the conclusion I make in Gilgal Logic. So, glad it's not just me who realises this.