Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kidderminster Drain Cleaning

Well someone wrote a letter to the Shuttle complaining about the state of the drains and it seems some arse has been kicked because they're cleaning out Ringway as I type.

Now you might expect as this is the main route in and out of Kidderminster some common sense would apply... yeah as if.

They've coned off the entire inner lane of the bus station island. Now of course that means that anyone coming to it in the right-hand lane from any of the entrances will find no-where to drive too; so they've coned off the incoming right-hand lanes of all the entrances. Except coming down from the Ringway where they've coned off the left-hand lane; oh and just for good measure they've coned off the left-hand lane going up the Ringway too.

Number of drain cleaning machines I saw operating along this entire stretch - one. There was one machine on the Ringway leading from the bus station island; once you got past it the cones still stopped you from accessing the left-hand lane for the entire length. Anyone using the island to get to Worcester Road or entering the island with no intent of using the Ringway found themselves penned in by cones protecting no workers and no machines.

As I'm coming to realise when our lords and masters talk about "minimising disruption" they're missing out on one key middle word - "our".


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