Monday, August 03, 2009

Analytics time

I haven't really been paying that much attention to the traffic, but this month saw a shock arrival at the top of the page heap. "Michael Jackson alive?" ended up with 351 unique page views for the month of July can't quite grasp why as I don't even appear on the first page of Google. However a quick search proves that I can't even say anything in jest:

Worryingly I'll bet if I did some searching I would've have been able to find actual quotes rather than aetheric ones.
Yes yes I could have. Anyway hits spiked between July 20th and 27th, go figure?

The second highest hit has also proved the longest lasting in my chart. It seems I'm not the only one bemused by that "Damn IE7 and inline-block" 728 unique visitors since I posted it with 199 this month alone.

Next is "Naughty Penny Smith" sadly nothing pervy on the keywords I'm guessing just people who also couldn't believe what they heard.

And finally it seems Virtual Dub is still causing consternation on how to rotate videos judging by the steady trickle that continues to keep it in the top four.

So that's a little satire, some 'gossip' and two computer geek pieces. Perhaps I should stuff the local stuff and give my audience what they want... hold on none of you are paying me for this; sod it I'll carry on how I want :-P