Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vale Road strikes again

A wonderful new sign telling us that the road will be shut from the 29th until the 1st, presumably they mean just the weekend and aren't including the Monday as that will be serious fun.

[Additional - there are some times I didn't notice before 20-00 - 01:00 so perhaps not so bad unless it's 20:00 on the 29th until 01:00 on the 1st]

[06:00 not 01:00 sorry]

I can't criticise the timing the weekend is, as is often the case, the right time to do this. I will be interested in the diversion. Can't imagine the traffic being sent down Vernon Road it'll have to go all the way down Lickhill then all the way back again along the Bewdley Road, except for all the locals who will indeed be using Vernon Road.