Friday, March 28, 2008

The Roadworks Saga

"Oy" said over the road "Mr Traffic information Advisor, how long are these bloody road works going on for?"
"31st" I replied
"I called up Wyre Forest and they said the 7th of April"
"There might be some work still going on, but the traffic light application was until the 31st"
"I get half-an-hour lunch and need to get back home to let the dogs out, it's taking me 15 minutes each way"
continued conversation and I head to a computer to check.

Junc Worcester Road Hartlebury Road Stourport on Severn 25/03/08 07/04/08
Hartlebury Road Junction A4025 Worcester Road Stourport on Severn Severn Trent Water Temporary Lights 25/03/08 07/04/08
New files, new dates. Except without the original files, which I didn't keep, I can't prove anything.

"There was no advance notice of roadworks posted and Wyre Forest told me it was listed on a notice board at the Civic Centre - yeah like I've got time to go down there"
"It is online; if you know the address" I stated
"Yeah and seeing as the dates have changed little point of looking at that either."

The kids are still on holiday, some of them start again next week resulting in twice as much traffic in the mornings... oh joy!


Don B said...

I am having to go from the Memorial Park area to the Bone Mill tip a lot at the moment. Yesterday was fine all the way there (on the outward journey) but on return the traffic was queing for the Worcester Road roundabout on the duel carriageway, in other words for about 1 mile and the schools have not yet restarted.

Next week there are going to be an aweful lot of children late for school because I suspect many of them will be unaware of the roadworks and also many parents will have forgotten how to walk their primary children to school and the secondary school children have forgotten how to walk fullstop.

FlipC said...

I tried to avoid the area on the weekend, forgot about it on the way back once and got stuck three cars away from being able to change lanes in Gilgal. It wasn't too bad this morning through town only reaching as far as Bridge Street; I think the kids may not be back until tomorrow.

Just FYI wasn't there a notice in the Shuttle that the tip was going to be temporarily shut next week?