Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A nice welcome back

Family stuff over the bank holiday weekend, which pretty much killed any ability to do stuff. Not saying it wasn't fun just you can't do anything that you want to do, sounds selfish but I have a dislike of guilt-tripping participation in events ;-)

So back to work and oh joy a queue. Hmm so we've discovered what it would be like if they set up traffic lights at the OGL island - painful. Okay to be fair it is a set of fixed-time lights with no sensors and a lane being closed, so you can't compare. Needed to have a look at the list of works to find out what was going on and according to that it's good old Severn Trent Water with work scheduled until the 31st of this month -whoopee a whole week of this. At least they've got a decent inter-red time to let the traffic clear up to Mitton Street though.

Now depending on exactly what they're doing what are the odds that someone will take advantage and properly resurface that nasty bit of road on the exit? Nah I doubt it.

Of course we achieve one of my queuing pet hates, no not the car that leaves a three-car gap between it and the vehicle in front when you're trying to join the end of the queue from a junction; instead we had the 'why are we moving?' situation. We've moved forward and the car at the front of the queue has stopped. Everyone shuffles along and stops. Now I can see the car at the front of the queue it's halted, it is stationary, it moveth not; so why do we all now shuffle forward a yard and stop, then shuffle forward another yard and stop? What's altered? No-body's left the queue, the car at the head of it hasn't shifted, a non-existent set of traffic lights in the middle of the queue hasn't changed to green, so why are we moving?

Seriously people just move forward to a safe point behind the vehicle in front of you and stop until that vehicle moves again, how difficult is that to manage?