Friday, October 26, 2007

Strange nights

The fields stretched endlessly before me and the conveyors went with it carrying their dark brown river. I walked alongside them an outstretched hand brushing along the sides until I come to a point where the machinery had obviously broken down. The belt has been pulled out of line and left to rust by the side; dark beans spill off the belt into a trough filled with straw to be hand picked and transported over to the next belt.

"So this is what unprocessed chocolate looks like" I thought/said.
"Well done oh great Etruscan detective," another voice thinks/says "but that's the least of your concerns"
"I do not fear the Genesis Pig." I reply calmly. "Why use straw, it must make collection difficult?"
"We have too many replicators" thought/said the voice
"You have a replicating replicator." I grow more alert " It must be stopped"


Anonymous said...

What in the same of goodness…?

FlipC said...

I'm still wondering as to what a Genesis Pig is.

janutd said...

Prob what Phil Colins' wife called him when he dissed her! Ha

FlipC said...

Ah but I do fear Phil Collins :-P

I had an amusing dream a few nights back when I woke up and decided I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, so I simply contemplated what I would do if I got up; that went a bit bizarre with me having to avoid the hanging garlands from the walls (nope no idea)

So I stopped that thought, and decided I really had better get up now... at which point I woke up.